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State of Arkansas

Arkansas - The Natural State Arkansas has long been a destination preferred by people who love natural beauty.

Some of the first inhabitants of the state were the Native Americans of the Caddo, Osage, and Quapaw tribes. When Hernando de Soto led his expedition through here in the mid-1500s, these nations had thriving towns and villages throughout the region that traded with the Spanish explorers.

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Did You Know: The official state flag of Arkansas was chosen in a design contest in 1913; the winner was Miss Willie Kavanaugh Hocker of Wabbaseka. The flag's design was finalized in 1926.

In 1686, the French explorer Henri de Tonti founded the first European settlements in the region at Le Petite Roche near present-day Little Rock. Following the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, Americans began flooding into Arkansas and it became a territory of farmers and plantation owners that was one of the most productive agricultural economies in the United States by the time of the American Civil War in 1863. As Arkansas has progressed into the modern era, it has become one of the most interesting destinations in the US welcoming visitors from around the world.

Natural Attractions of Arkansas

Whether you enjoy bird-watching, hiking, camping, fishing or scuba diving, Arkansas has something for you. One of the most captivating natural features of Arkansas is Lake Ouachita. This pristine lake is surrounded by the unspoiled Ouachita National Forest and offers one of America's best freshwater diving experiences. With visibility of as much as 35 feet(over 10 meters), this lake allows divers to try their hand at the unusual experience of freshwater spear-fishing. Also with largemouth bass, red-belly perch, and rainbow trout stocking this lake, it is a freshwater fisherman's paradise that any angler in the family is guaranteed to enjoy. Overall, few places in Arkansas offer the untarnished natural wonder that Lake Ouachita provides its visitors.

Another awe-inspiring natural attraction of Arkansas is Hot Springs National Park. This area of naturally occurring hot springs was one of the first national parks created in the United States. Featuring springs with waters that are an amazing 147 degrees Fahrenheit, this park offers anyone visiting a chance to truly relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy nature.

For nature lovers seeking to view one of the largest and fastest flowing natural springs in the United States, Mammoth Spring State Park provides a welcome stop. This natural flowing spring has a flow of almost 10 million gallons per hour that any visitor is sure to find amazing. With the park featuring a restored railroad depot from 1886 and a caboose from the Frisco Railroad, Mammoth Spring State Park provides visitors a unique experience not found anywhere else in Arkansas.

Historical Attractions of Arkansas

For history lovers wanting to learn about the military history of the United States in Arkansas, the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History preserves and exhibits artifacts from the beginning of European settlement in the area through the present day. Situated in the Tower Building of the Little Rock Arsenal, this unique museum boasts that it was the birthplace of General Douglas MacArthur, who led US forces in the Pacific during World War 2. With free admission and a convenient location in Little Rock, this museum is a must-see stop for history enthusiasts visiting the Arkansas state capital.

If you are a lover of jazz and blues music, then you will want to take a trip through the small river towns of Eastern Arkansas. This region was the birthplace of jazz and blues music and present-day visitors to the region can find dozens of small bands playing at local restaurants and bars throughout this region. Who knows, as friendly as the people of Arkansas are to visitors, you may find that you get the chance to join a jazz or blues band on a local stage and play with them!

Another very interesting place to see in Arkansas is the Clinton Presidential Library. This library features exhibits, books, and papers from the administration of President Bill Clinton. Regardless of what you may think of his policies, this institution offers a very insightful look into the United States during the time of his presidency.

With beautiful natural attractions, interesting museums, and friendly people, it is easy to understand why many people find Arkansas to be a wonderful place to visit. Simply put, Arkansas truly lives up to its nickname as “The Natural State.”

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State of Arkansas - Arkansas Official Website
Arkansas Exposed - is devoted to bringing the latest news and information to the residents of Arkansas to the illegal practices of State Government.
The Governor of Arkansas - Official website
Arkansas State Highways - Official Site for the State Highways and Transportation
Arkansans Department of Labor - To foster, promote, and develop the health, safety and welfare of the wage earners of Arkansas by providing services and enforcing laws to improve working conditions and enhance their opportunities for safe and profitable employment.
Department of Environmental Quality - To protect and enhance the state's environment through regulatory programs, proactive programs and educational activities.

Business & Development

The Arkansas Capital Corporation - Provides financing to small business as well as other information including development.
North Central Arkansas Regional Economic Development (NCARED) - A website that provides help for individuals or businesses that are moving to the Ozark area of Arkansas
The Arkansas Veteran Resource Directory - Provides an easy to use tool for locating veteran focused assistance with benefits, claims, employment, health, small business and much more.
Arkansas Econic Development Commision - Official Page
Arkansas Development Finance Authority - Arkansas largest source of low-cost financing for low-to-moderate income housing development, small industries, government, education, agricultural business enterprise & health care.
Development Information Network of Arkansas (DINA) - A project of the Institute for Economic Advancement at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The IEA's mission is to support statewide economic development activities through research, information, service, training, and education.

Education & Training

Official website for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Arkansas Department of Higher Education - Serves as the administrative staff for the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Official website for the University of Arkansas
Arkansas Department of Education - Strives to ensure that all children in the state have access to a quality education by providing educators, administrators and staff with leadership, resources and training.
Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators (AAEA)- Seek and develop continual improvement in the quality of education and educational leadership in Arkansas.

Organizations & Associations

Official website for the Arkansas State Bar Association - Providing information for those wanting to practice law in the state of Arkansas
Official website for the Arkansas Softball Association - Providing information for umpires, teams, softball tournaments, and players
Association of Arkansas Counties - To provide a single source of cooperative support and information for all counties and county and district officials through the provisions of general research, public education programs, and conducting seminars for county governments in Arkansas.
Arkansas Association of the Deaf - The oldest and largest consumer organization of deaf and hard of hearing people in the state of Arkansas. AAD was founded in 1893 by alumni of the Arkansas School for the Deaf.
Arkansas Communit Organization - Arkansas's largest grassroots organization. We organize low-income and working families across the state to enable them to fight for social and economic justice

Health & Families

University oF Arkansas for Medical Sciences - A website offering couples that have problems with fertility information as well as treatment
The Family Service Agency - Provides counseling for a wide array of issues including alcohol abuse, crime victims, drug abuse, family, marriage, and debt management, to name a few
Arkansas Dept of Health - To protect and improve the health and well-being of all Arkansans
Arkansas Healthcare Association - Established in 1951 and the state's largest organization of long term care providers, representing 93% of the licensed long term care facilities in Arkansas
Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care - Incorporated in 1972 as a private, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the clinical evaluation and improvement of health care in Arkansas and throughout the country

Arts & Culture

Arts Center of the Ozarks - Encourages cultural opportunities in northwest Arkansas in the cultural arts via musical productions, theatre, and visual arts home in Springdale, Arkansas - Offers a hands-on experience in both technology and science along with a photo gallery and information on the various exhibitions
Department of Arkansas Heritage - Official Site that offers Arkansas history and heritage
Arkansas State Library - Serves as a resource for state government, for public libraries and for all Arkansas citizens. We offer a wide range of services with an overall mission to provide all Arkansans with access to information.
Arkansas Arts Council - Established in 1966, providing services and grants-in-aid supporting arts endeavors that encourage and assist literary, performing and visual artists in achieving standards of professional excellence.

Recreation & Sports - Provides information on University of Arkansas Razorbacks known as the Hawgs - A website in PDF form dedicated to the gardener in Arkansas
Magic Springs and Crystal Falls - Water and Theme Parks
Little Rock Zoo - One of the state's greatest educational and conservation resources.Composed of 725 animals representing 200+ species, many on the endangered list
Wild Wilderness Drive-through Safari - Family Travel Destination in Gentry, Arkansas. The 400-acre safari is home to a variety of exotic animals.

Real Estate

Arkansas Real Estate MultiList - contains a wide selection of Arkansas homes, land, farms and commercial property for sale
Arkansas's Recreational & Rural Real Estate Company
Arkansas Real Estate MultiList - contains a wide selection of Arkansas homes, land, farms and commercial property for sale - Arkansas Land, Farm, Ranches, Acreage All for Sale
Arkansas Real Estate Commission (AREC) - Protect the public interest, through the examination, licensing, and regulation of real estate brokers and salespersons, and through administration of the Arkansas Time-Share Law.

Shopping & Entertainment

Southland Park and Racing - place in the Mid-South where you can enjoy good friends, great food, and pulse-pounding excitement
Northwest Arkansas Mall - Premiere shopping center destination for northwest Arkansas is home to 100 specialty stores, in addition to a food court, Dillard's, JCPenney and Sears department stores
Park Plaza - is the premier shopping center in the Little Rock, AR area and is home to over 80 of your favorite stores
Allfam Bowling & Entertainment Center - a 34,000 square foot, 32 lane, state of the art bowling center, complete with a 2200 sq. foot arcade, and state of the art technology, like pneumatic bumpers, which lower and raise themselves based on whose turn it is to bowl.
River Market - serves as the hub for capital city entertainment and family fun.

Tourism & Travel

Official website for the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism
Arkansas Park Guide - Provides information on travel, recreation, and tourism throughout the state of Arkansas
Southern Arkansas Travel - Discover the South of Arkansas The #1 online Arkansas Tourism Guide to Arkansas vacation attractions and events located in Arkansas.
Arkansas State Parks - Best for Camping, Cabins Lodging, RV Travellers

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