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State of Kansas

Named for the Kansa Indians, the state of Kansas is one of the most fascinating states in the entire United States. With its heritage of commerce and agriculture, this state has an enchanting history and culture that makes it a place that welcomes visitors from around the world and invites them to enjoy a memorable vacation. All in all, Kansas has something to offer everyone who travels to this magical place.

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Did You Know: There are three largest herds of buffalo (correctly called bison) in Kansas are located on public lands at the Maxwell Game Preserve (McPherson), Big Basin (Ashland), and Buffalo Game Preserve (Garden City).

Historical Attractions of Kansas

One attraction that tells the magical story of the history of Kansas is Old West Lawrence. The streets of this attraction transport you back to the days when rough and ready cowboys and genteel ladies settled the western United States. Featuring seventeen historic houses, Old West Lawrence allows visitors to experience the elegance and beauty of Kansas during the Victorian Era. On the whole, travelers visiting Old West Lawrence are completely transported back to another place and time.

Another fascinating site is the Kansas History Museum in Topeka. Exposing the unique role Kansas played in the railroad boom of the late 1800s, this museum hosts a full-scale train that lets visitors get an idea of what it was like as the railroads expanded westward across the state. With a plethora of exhibits on the history of Kansas, the Kansas History Museum is a must-see attraction for anyone wanting to know more about the wondrous and often dangerous challenges faced by early Kansans. All in all, the stories preserved at the Kansas History Museum are truly the stories of America's past.

If the excitement and danger of the Old West thrill you, then a visit to Dodge City is definitely called for. Once referred to as the wildest city west of the Mississippi River, this town recreates the thrilling frontier days with mock gunfights and costumed cowboys in the middle of the streets. With infamous places like Boot Hill Cemetery, Dodge City beckons travelers to come and see what the rough and tumble frontier days were all about.

Natural Attractions of Kansas

In addition to having enchanting historical attractions, Kansas has equally captivating natural attractions. For example, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near Emporia is a prime example of what the Great Plains looked like before the westward expansion of the United States and the modern encroachment of man on its natural environment. Featuring over 150 bird species and 500 plant species, this pristine national preserve gives travelers an opportunity to closely examine the natural beauty of Kansas. Overall, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is one of the best places in Kansas to truly enjoy the wonders of nature.

Southeast of the town of Great Bend lies another natural wonder of the state. This natural wonder is the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. Used by migratory birds as a resting stop during their yearly migrations, the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge offers birdwatchers the unique opportunity to observe herons, gulls, pelicans, and other birds as they make their migratory treks during the spring and fall seasons. On the whole, this wildlife refuge is one of the premier birdwatching spots in the entire United States.

Cultural Attractions of Kansas

Besides having fascinating historical and natural attractions, Kansas possesses some of the finest cultural attractions in the entire United States. One such attraction is Lindsborg. This town was settled by Swedish immigrants and preserves their culture and story in a vivid display of art and cuisine that is not found anywhere else in the country. With museums that tell the story of how early Swedish settlers came and settled Kansas and the United States, Lindsborg is unquestionably the ideal place to learn about Swedish-American history and culture.

In what appears to be an ordinary schoolhouse, visitors can learn how the culture of America changed forever as it grappled with the idea that freedom was for all men regardless of their skin color. The Monroe Elementary School in Topeka was once at the center of the US Supreme Court's decision that ended segregation in the United States in the 1950s. Today this schoolhouse is the Brown vs. Board of Education National Historic Site and it gives visitors an opportunity to understand how the landmark decision by the Supreme Court to end segregation has impacted the culture and history of the United States. All in all, no other historic and cultural site in the US gives visitors an opportunity to truly understand the momentous changes this decision made on the country.

As you can see, Kansas has a history and culture that is absolutely captivating and offers something that any traveler to this state is sure to find interesting. When compared to other states in the United States, Kansas offers visitors a chance to understand the history and culture of the country in ways that no other state can match. In the end, anyone who visits Kansas is sure to leave with a deeper appreciation for the history, culture, and achievements of the people of this great state and of the United States as a whole nation.

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