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State of Maine

Maine is one of the remotest states in the United States. The state shares borders with Canada to its north, New Hampshire to its west and the Atlantic Ocean to its east and south. In spite of its remote location, Maine offers visitors an intriguing look into the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. All in all, travelers to Maine will leave having experienced one of the most fascinating states in the entire United States.

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Famous Maine Quotes


"All I know is that history repeats itself and people are going to want to experience the world. But I know then they are going to have a better appreciation for what is here in Maine."

by: John Baldacci

Did You Know: The government entities for the state of Maine are comprised of 16 counties with 22 cities, 435 towns, 33 plantations, 424 unorganized townships and 3 Indian reservations.

Maine's Historical Attractions

One of the most fascinating historical sites in Maine is the Portland Head Lighthouse and Museum. Commissioned by George Washington in 1791, this lighthouse is one of the oldest operating navigational beacons in the United States. With a top-notch museum displaying Maine's maritime heritage, the Portland Head Lighthouse and Museum are sure to be a fabulous stop on any vacation to the state.

Another fabulous historical site in the state is the Maine Archives and Museums in Augusta. This collection of museums and archives provides visitors insightful information on the unique history of this enchanting state. With a quarterly newsletter that visitors can purchase and collections of exquisite artifacts, the Maine Archives and Museums share the intriguing and magnificent history of this gorgeous state in a way that visitors are sure to find very fascinating.

For anyone interested in boating, the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath is a must-see site. Located in a region that has been building ships since the earliest colonial days, the museum offers visitors an insightful look into how the famous clipper ships and tall ships were built when sails powered the world's oceangoing transportation. Situated in a building that was once part of a great shipyard, the Maine Maritime Museum is sure to be one of the most fascinating stops for travelers visiting this magnificent state.

Maine's Natural Attractions

One of Maine's finest natural attractions is the Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor. Preserving a wide variety of animals ranging from bats to deer, this pristine wilderness offers nature lovers one of the best places in the United States to experience the great outdoors. With landscapes formed by glaciers millions of years ago, this national park has a gorgeous natural beauty that anyone visiting Maine is sure to enjoy.

In addition to the natural beauty of Acadia National Park, Maine possesses a natural attraction that shows just what can happen when the environment is not properly cared for. The Desert of Maine in Freeport vividly demonstrates just how drastically man's encroachment on nature can affect the environment. What was originally part of one of the largest forests in North America is today one of the northernmost deserts on the continent. The Desert of Maine was created in the 1800s by farmers who refused to practice the method of farming known as crop rotation. As the crops degraded the soil and the nutrients were not returned, the soil began to be more easily eroded. As a result, Maine presently possesses a desert area about the size of Manhattan. Visitors to this site will definitely gain a deeper appreciation for the need for all of us to take better care of the environment around us.

Maine's Cultural Attractions

If you are a lover of classical music, then you will be mesmerized by the Portland Symphony Orchestra in Portland. Performing concerts by masters like Bach and Beethoven, the Portland Symphony Orchestra has won awards recognizing it as one of the finest orchestras in the United States. All in all, seeing a concert by this orchestra will be a musical experience that will be a joy to your senses.

Another fabulous cultural attraction in Maine is the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit. Having put on smashing shows for over 70 years, this theatre is one of the finest production houses for stage shows in the entire country. With as many as 6 different shows being done in a season, this cultural attraction is sure to be one that visitors find absolutely fantastic.

Looking at everything Maine has to offer, it is easy to see that a trip here is definitely worth taking. Visitors to Maine will be able to relish in the unique history and culture of this fascinating state while gaining a greater appreciation for the US as a whole. All in all, a vacation to Maine will leave you with cherished memories that will last you a lifetime.

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Other Useful Sites about Maine state
These Maine State sites have been curated by our editorial team


State of Maine - Official website of state goverment
Maine Army National Guard - The Official website
Maine Goverment Portal - A website providing links to the state agencies
Augusta Maine - The Capital City's Official Website

Business & Development

Maine Small Business Development Centers - provide comprehensive business management assistance to the small business community through a network of professional, certified business counselors.
Maine Development Foundation - provides research and programs to encourage long-term economic growth
Maine Business Listing - provides its visitors with a local directory of selected businesses throughout Maine
Maine Business News - Access Maine's source for business news, research, events, economic trends and commentary.
Maine Small Business Coalition - A group of small business owners, who advocate for policies that promote responsible economic development, environmental stewardship, and investment in community. - Maine Business Community and News

Education & Training

York County Community College - A community college who offers online courses
Official website for the Main Line Center for Bartending
Maine Business Works - Offer regular workshops, courses and events, specific to businesses. They're also a resource for people who drive Maine's economy: small business, employees, and the service providers who support them. - A Directory of all Maine Public and Private Schools listed by County & District

Organizations & Associations

Official website for the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Maine Tennis Association - providing information on the clubs, USTA leagues, and tournaments
Maine Principals' Association - a private, educational, nonprofit corporation with voluntary membership that is comprised of two distinct divisions - Division of Professional Activities and Division of Interscholastic Activities
Maine Education Services (MES) - a non-profit organization created to foster and promote access to higher education. MES, in partnership with our clients, provides best in class products and services to Maine students and families who need assistance in financing their higher education.

Health & Families

Main Street Doctor - an online medical site that includes a network of doctors offering news and articles
Maine Coast Memorial Hospital - located in Ellsworth, Maine that provides cancer treatment, internal medicine, trauma center, and family health services
Maine Health Care Association - Provides services for the older and disabled population in the state. Features information for adult day, assisted living, home health care, nursing facilities, rehabilitation and skilled nursing providers.
Maine Families - understands that all new parents want the best for their babies. This website provides information to parents, professionals and interested citizens about this program, including locations and contact information with links to many parent resources.
Maine Family Care Official Page
Family Planning Association of Maine Family Planning Association of Maine

Arts & Culture

Maine Archives and Museums - an online guide of historical societies, libraries, and museums in the state
Official website for The Waterville Opera House
Woods and Waters - Photography in Maine
Maine College of Art - offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Arts, a Post-Baccalaureate in Art Education as well as Continuing Studies for adults and youths, including a Pre-College intensive for high school students.
Maine Arts Camp - an overnight camp offering 2- or 4-week sessions for 8-15 year old boys and girls in a non-competitive, nurturing environment. Our program focuses on visual and performing arts, technology and individual sports
Maine Art Scene - Maine Arts and Culture Online Magazine

Recreation & Sports

Official website for the Maine Tennis Association - provides information on tennis tounaments, special events and offers wheelchair tennis, tennis teaching programs, fundraising benefits, and educational outreach at local events.
Maine State Lottery - provides results for the daily and weekly numbers
High School Internet Network - provides all Maine Sports and News
Portland Pirates - Official Homepage
Portland Seadogs - Official Homepage
Central Maine Family Fun Bowling Center - offers 16 USBC certified lanes with easy automatic scoring for family, friends, and league bowling. Join a league, have a party, or just bowl for fun.

Real Estate

Maine Guide Real Estate - Maine real estate links to agencies, land, for sale by owner, architects, engineers and contractors. Everything you'll need to have a home in Maine.
Maine Real Estate - an Internet resource that provides all real estate information in Northern and Downeast Maine
Maine Real Estate Network - Home for sale in Maine
Maine Realtor - Prime Property for Sale in Maine
Cyr Real Estate - an independent, locally owned business that has been providing quality real estate services and residential appraisals since 1986.

Shopping & Entertainment - your one-stop shop for all of the unique, made-in-Maine products that you love. We offer an assortment of quality, hand-crafted items to help bring Maine home to you.
Sleeper's Market - one of the most unique stores in town, carrying both quality clothing and footwear, along with a complete selection of groceries and the largest selection of Lobster in the area.
Worcester's Wild Blueberry Products - Jams, Jellies, and Syrups made from wild maine blueberries
Funtown Splashtown - A Northern New England's largest water and amusement park, attracts families from around the region. The park is home to the Excalibur wooden roller coaster and Dragon's Descent Turbo Drop &dash the largest and tallest rides in Northern New England
Temple Theatre - Provide latest Movie schedules

Tourism & Travel

Maine Tourism - The Official site of the Maine Department of Travel
The Downeast Guide - offers links to the bed and breakfast in the area
Official website for the Maine Tourism Association
Connect Maine - provides information, facts, and a business directory, enabling you to learn about the great State of Maine, buy products on-line and visit us without even leaving the comfort of your home!
Maine Vacation Guide - Down East Guide's Maine Vacation Guide, your Maine resource for the best places to stay and great places to play.
The official Houlton web site - Tourism Guide


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