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State of Alaska

As the only American state to border Canada and Russia, Alaska offers a very unique experience to anyone who visits. With its majestic mountains and unspoiled wilderness areas, Alaska is a true outdoorsman's paradise.

Whether you like fishing, hunting, hiking, or camping, Alaska calls all who visit to come and embrace its natural beauty.

denalis in alaska
alaska bear hunting for salman
alaska cruise ship going through the glaciers
Alaska mountains with snow
Alaska mountains with ocean
alaska moose in the woodlands

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Famous Alaska Quotes


" Before I got here, I thought for a long time that the way out of the labyrinth was to pretend that it did not exist, to build a small, self-sufficient world in the back corner of the endless maze and to pretend that i was not lost, but home. "

by: John Green

Did You Know: Alaska Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus alascensis Swarth) is the state bird.
It can change it's color from light brown to snow white. The willow ptarmigan was named Alaska's state bird in 1955.


Alaska Is Absolutely Amazing

Besides having wonderful natural features, Alaska showcases a large number of historical and cultural features that provide a fascinating experience for everyone who visits the state. Regardless of if you want to learn about the native cultures of the Inuit people or desire to enjoy a world-class symphony, Alaska has historical and cultural attractions that are sure to please anyone's appetite. Simply put, Alaska has something everyone visiting can enjoy.

Alaska's Natural Attractions

Of all of the states in the United States, Alaska remains the least populated state and thus the state that has been the least spoiled by the intrusions of mankind. This makes the state one of the few remaining places in the world where naturalists can truly enjoy viewing wildlife in its unadulterated natural setting and see nature as it has always existed. Without a doubt, Alaska is a nature lover's paradise.

One of the most interesting places to see Alaska's natural wildlife in its true untouched environment is Denali National Park. Home to grizzly bears, moose, caribou, and wolves, this pristine park offers guided tours with knowledgeable park rangers that gladly share their immense love of Alaska's gorgeous wildlife and fascinating geologic formations. Also as home to Mount McKinley, Denali National Park hosts mountain climbers from around the world who seek to tackle North America's tallest peak. All in all, few other places in the United States provide the wealth of natural beauty and sheer majesty that Denali National Park has to offer to its visitors.

For nature enthusiasts that want a unique hands-on experience, the Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka offers volunteers visiting a chance to assist in the rehabilitation of injured bald eagles and other wild birds. As the foremost bird hospital in the state, the goal of this unique institution is to return the rehabilitated birds to Alaska's vast wilderness. If a bird is too severely injured to safely return to the wild, it is placed in the educational Raptors-in-Residence program that seeks to enlighten children across the United States about the fascinating birds of Alaska. For anyone with any interest in birds or wildlife, the Alaska Raptor Center is certain to provide a highlight to any visit to the state.

Historic and Cultural Attractions of Alaska

Besides being a world-class destination for nature lovers, Alaska is a 5-star destination for anyone seeking to explore the culture and history of the United States. One of the most interesting places to visit in Alaska when exploring the fascinating history of the United States is the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Visitor Center in Skagway. This enchanting institution features riveting exhibits that tell the story of the dreadful hardships and extraordinary successes of the men and women who participated in one of the most famous gold rushes to occur in Alaska. With ranger-led tours of downtown Skagway that highlight the many historic buildings in the area that date from the Klondike Gold Rush period of Alaska's history, this unique park gives visitors an insightful look into one of the most interesting periods in the history of the U.S.

Overall, a visit to the Klondike National Park Visitor Center is sure to be a high point for any history buff visiting Alaska.
On top of the fascinating history told at the Klondike National Park Visitor Center, the Alaska State Museum in Juneau provides anyone seeking to learn about the cultural achievements of the state an interesting lesson on the peoples of Alaska and all that they have accomplished. With enthralling exhibits telling the achievements of its native peoples, the early Russian and European settlers, and the American experience in Alaska, this museum illuminates the culture and history of this unique state in a fascinating way. Simply put, anyone interested in the culture and history of Alaska is sure to love this museum.

With everything that Alaska has to offer its visitors, it is easy to see why many people who travel to this majestic state find it absolutely breathtaking. Nowhere else in the country can match the unspoiled beauty and offer the insightful looks into the history of the United States that Alaska provides its guests. In the end, Alaska truly is America's final frontier.

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Other Useful Sites about Alaska state
These Alaska State sites have been curated by our editorial team

Government - Official website for the State of Alaska
Department of Enviromental Conservation - The Official Website
Alaska State - Official website for the State of Alaska
The Alaska Inter-Tribal Council - They offers information and resources for the tribal governments of Alaska
The Alaska State Legislature - This website is the place to track bills, locate and contact your legislators, and access committee information. The Students page offers educational and fun information.
Alaska Governors Office - Official website of the Office of Governor
Office of the Ombudsman - Official Website. The ombudsman investigates citizen complaints against state government agencies and employees.

Business & Development

Alaska Export Assistance Center - Provides companies with information regarding trade events, community events, trade leads and helps companies in Alaska increase market share and sales
Alaska Seafood - Encourages marketing programs for the seafood industry via programs such as retail, food service, and exporting
Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) - A state-owned corporation, based in Juneau, that manages the assets of the Alaska Permanent Fund and other funds designated by law, such as the Alaska Mental Health Trust Fund.
Alaska Department of Revenue - Official Website
Oomingmak - An Alaskan co-operative that has brought exquisite Qiviut items to you as a unique northern gift since 1969. It is owned by approximately 250 Native Alaskan women from remote coastal villages of Alaska who knit each item by hand.
Alaska Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. (APS) - A group of 150 private physicians, have joined together to provide responsible and accountable patient care which is physician-directed, patient-centered, & cost effective.

Education & Training

University of Alaska Anchorage - Official Website. This univeristy is the state's largest post-secondary
Alaska Bible College - Non-denominational four-year Christian college offering news, degree programs, and other pertinent information
Moving to Alaska - Everything you need to know about Alaska can be found here.
Alaska Department of Education and Early Development - Official Website. They provide and evaluate a comprehensive student and school standards, assessment and accountability system based on student, school, educator, and culturally. responsive standards. Provide and support standards-based professional development and mentoring for Alaska's educators.
Alaska Teacher Placement (ATP) - Established in 1978 as a partnership between school districts, and the University of Alaska to serve as a statewide education job clearinghouse for Alaska.
Southeast Regional Resource Center(SERRC) - Alaskas educational resource center. agency provides direct student services, school and district support services, and community services to the entire state, most people refer to SERRC as Alaska's Educational Resource Center.
The Alaska Arts Education Consortium (AAEC) - Official website. They are affiliated of school districts, organizations and individuals committed to preparing and supporting educators so that they can teach the arts across the curriculum.

Organizations & Associations

Musuems in Alaska - They offers a list of informations on the museums of Alaska as well as membership and events. - It offers information for those interested in the sport of snowmobiling information.
The Alaska Private and Home Educators Association - The membership-based coalition of parents and others who have banded together for the furtherance of educational excellence through alternatives to the government-operated public schools.
Anchorage Education Association - An Organization of more than 3,500 teachers and other professional educators dedicated to providing an excellent public education for every child in the Anchorage School District.
Foraker Group - Dedicated to a healthy, sustainable nonprofit sector in Alaska. The Foraker Group is dedicated to increasing the leadership and management skills of professionals and volunteers working in Alaska's nonprofit and tribal organizations.
World of Lumberjack Sports - Official website
First City Council on Cancer - A community-based, non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to reducing the impact of cancer related problems upon the individuals and families of Ketchikan, Alaska and its environs through the following activities:

Health & Families

Family First Dentistry - Information regarding the services and doctors as well as contact and forms that may be needed
Summit Family Practice - A website offering information on hours of operation, location, and patient information
Alaska Family Council - A non-profit Christian public policy organization dedicated to protecting and strengthening the family.
Alaska Center for Resource Families - Provides training, referral services, individual support and information to those who are or are interested in becoming foster parents, adoptive parents, relative caretakers or guardians.
Alaska Family Services - Established in 1979 as a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter to provide a safe haven for women and children. Since then, our agency has grown from that single program to one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the Mat-Su Borough, offering nearly two dozen programs designed to meet the needs of our ever growing Valley population.
NEA-Alaska Health Plan - Offers comprehensive health insurance while holding down premium increases.

Arts & Culture

Arctic Studies Center - Information and resources on the festivals centers on the Alutiiq people with a description of the dance and photos of artwork
Alaska Treasure - Works by Alaska Native Darlene Carol Lind via baleen jewelry, carved ivory, and bronze works
Alaska Native Arts Foundation - An Art consultants to our customers and stewards to our artists. ANAF brings Alaska Native art to the global marketplace by increasing awareness of the cultural expressions of Alaska's indigenous peoples and stimulate demand for Native works of art. Established in 2002
Alaska Artists - Databases of Artist, Artisans, Showrooms, Studios, Galleries, Murals - An educational and cultural institution for all Alaskans, the Alaska Native Heritage Center provides programs in both academic and informal settings, including workshops, demonstrations, and guided tours of indoor exhibits and outdoor village sites.

Recreation & Sports

All About Alaska - Provides information on the many outdoor activities available in Alaska
Alaska Department of Fish and Game - The Official Website
Alaska Outdoors - Your one stop Alaskan trip planner and includes information on: fishing lodges & guides; hunting outfitters and guides; fishing / hunting seasons and run charts; bush air charters; guided and unguided vacation AlaskaOutdoors Adventures - packages, hotels and more.
Alaska Parks - Official Website for the list of all Alaskas State parks
Alaska Denali Tours - Owned by Alaskan Park Properties Inc., has been serving thousands of Alaska travel goers since 1992. Our travel consultants live, work, and play in Alaska all year long. We want to make you part of our inner circle, and give you the best experience possible.
Seldovia Alaska - The Official Website. holds a world of entertainment for everyone, whether you're adventuresome or desire the ultimate in serenity.
Alaska Zoo - Providing homes for animals and programs for visitors for more than 40 years in the Last Frontier

Real Estate

Alaska Real Estate - Alaska Multiple Listing Service public website. The single greatest source of properties for sale or lease in Alaska.
Alaska Realtor - Official Site for Alaska Real Estate to find homes for sale in Alaska
RE/MAX of Alaska - Founded in 1981 and has independently owned and operated offices in 10 Alaskan communities with over 164 associates to serve your real estate needs.
Mc Kinley View Real Estate - Has been providing old-fashioned service to buyers and sellers of real estate in the greater Talkeetna area since 1994.
Alaska Property - A list of residential real estate transactions
Alaska Housing Finance Corp. - To provide Alaskans access to safe, quality, affordable housing
Letzring Properties Alaska Real Estate - Develops Alaska fantastic views that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Alaska that surrounds us.

Shopping & Entertainment

Bear Tooth Theatre Pub - Dinner and a $3 movie. Order yummy pizza and burritos from full-service kitchen, delivered to your theater table. Draft beer and wine. Part of Moose's Tooth family
Chilkoot Charlie's - Famous nightclub
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts - A Non-Profit organization contracted by the Municipality of Anchorage, who schedules space use in the building, provides production management and technical expertise, sells tickets, and provides services for more than 240,000 patrons who enjoy the facility annually.
Dimond Center - Alaska Shopping Center Alaska's largest Shopping Center has what you're looking for
Nugget Mall - Southeast Alaska's largest retail shopping center.
Cyrano's Off Center Playhouse - Charming, independent theater in downtown. Resident company puts on first-rate productions from classic to challenging. Poetry and book readings at adjacent coffeehouse
Alaska Wild Berry Park and Theater - Alaskan entertainment, food, animals, attractions, and shopping

Tourism & Travel

Travell Alaska - Official site for the State of Alaska Travel & Vacation Information
Alaskan Tours - The Official website on your key to See the Best of Alaska whether in Family or Private group tours - The Official website. The Facts about Alaska for travel, Jobs, Homes, Fishing etc.
Alaska Tourism - Official Tourism site of Alaska offering a wide array of information for tourists
Travel Map of Alaska - Providing information for traveling in Alaska along with a travel map
Explore Fairbanks - You're complete list of things to do, where to stay, shopping and dining in Alaska - Youre guide for Alaska Adventure - Vacation and Travel

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